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TES Online — Уникальные предметы, которые можно украсть

Автор: TERAB1T -

С введением в The Elder Scrolls Online системы правосудия в игру было добавлено множество предметов, которые можно украсть. Среди них встречаются и уникальные вещи, которые ценятся у скупщиков на вес золота. Ниже представлен полный перечень таких предметов с их иконками и описаниями.


Как только таблица будет переведена на русский язык, новость будет обновлена.

Almalexia's Lock Almalexia’s Lock This lock of hair was supposedly given as a sign of Almalexia’s favor. Why the color has faded is anyone’s guess.
Ancestor Moth Pupa Ancestor Moth Pupa A green-hued casing from the molt of a rare Ancestor Moth. It smells ever so faintly of fresh grass and clean water.
Ancient Dragonguard Burial Mask Ancient Dragonguard Burial Mask This ancient silver mask is of Akaviri design. It bears the likeness of a hissing serpent devouring the dragon Vuljotnaak.
Ashes of Lamae Beolfag Ashes of Lamae Beolfag Looking at these ashes elicits a deep revulsion. They were likely taken from the pyre of the first vampire, Lamae Beolfag.
Auriel's Quiver Auriel’s Quiver This ivory case is embossed with gold. Scholarly markings identify it as «Auriel’s Quiver,» for whatever that’s worth.
Banner of House Dagoth Banner of House Dagoth This ancient banner is torn, but the seal of the infamous House Dagoth shines through despite the grime and tattered cloth.
Bendu Olo's Sextant Bendu Olo’s Sextant The precision of this instrument is uncanny despite its age—a worthy tool for Baron-Admiral Bendu Olo of the All Flags Navy.
Blade From a Razor Pit Blade From a Razor Pit Daedric inscriptions adorn this scalpel-thin blade in a stark, blood-red.
Blood of St. Pelin Blood of St. Pelin This crystal phial is full of what is said to be the blood of St. Pelin the martyr. Even if emptied, the blood always returns.
Bolt of the Second Numidium Bolt of the Second Numidium A massive dwarven bolt, unnaturally warm to the touch. Scholarly markings link it to the legendary Brass God, Akulakhan.
Bone Fragment From the Spine of Ashpit Bone Fragment From the Spine of Ashpit This grey block is so light as to be hollow, and it sheds dust of a similar color as if it were made of the stuff.
Box of Shehai Essence Box of Shehai Essence This wooden box is covered in Yokudan runes. Altmeri writing on an attached label reads, «Essence of Shattered Spirit Sword.»
Crimson Ticket Crimson Ticket A ticket for passage on the Crimson Ship, never used by its owner.
Deathbringer Clan Facepaint Deathbringer Clan Facepaint This small pot of facepaint smells pungently of blood. The sigil of Valkynaz Seris is stamped on the bottom of the glass.
Directions to Clockwork City Directions to Clockwork City Scouting reports, collected rumors, and suppositions on the true location of Sotha Sil’s Clockwork City.
Dwemer Animunculi Schematics Dwemer Animunculi Schematics These complex schematics detail several types of Dwemer builder constructs.
Dwemer Red Mountain Standard Dwemer Red Mountain Standard This tattered banner bearing the seal of some forgotten Dwemeri house is said to have come from the battlefield of Red Mountain.
Dwemer Tonal Diagram Dwemer Tonal Diagram A schematic utilizing the principles of tonal architecture, indecipherable by any but the lost Dwemer people.
Eldergleam Amber Eldergleam Amber A gleaming golden amber that sings a faint and soothing melody. It could only have come from the ancient tree, Eldergleam.
Fang of Krahjotdaan Fang of Krahjotdaan Faded inscriptions cover the surface of this prodigious yellow fang. They depict the slaying of the high dragon Krahjotdaan.
Flayed Flag of Camlorn Flayed Flag of Camlorn A fragment of the flag of Camlorn, said to have been carried into war during the Battle of Granden Tor.
Genuine Psijic Stole Genuine Psijic Stole Simple attire may have belonged to a member of the Psijic Order, secretive monks devoted to the esoteric study of the Elder Way.
Golden Tooth of a Golden Saint Golden Tooth of a Golden Saint A detailed emblem depicting an elderly man with three faces is carved into this gleaming tooth.
Haft of a Daedric Scythe Haft of a Daedric Scythe This hilt begins and ends with silver guards, though the blades are missing. A single, fanged Daedric letter adorns each hilt.
Haft-shard of Sunder Haft-shard of Sunder A massive splinter of rune-carved oak, this artifact seems to be evidence of Kagrenac’s legendary tools.
Hairbrush of the First Mane Hairbrush of the First Mane The headdress worn by Rid-Thar-ri’Datta was woven from the manes of two dozen chieftains. It required a lot of brushing.
Hunding's Blade-Shard Hunding’s Blade-Shard A shard from the shattered blade of Frandar Hunding himself, a relic of the battle at Hattu Mountain.
Jar of Wild Hunt Vapor Jar of Wild Hunt Vapor An Altmeri label on this jar of thick, vacuous liquid claims it was collected in the wake of a Wild Hunt in Skyrim.
King Donel's Beard Shavings King Donel’s Beard Shavings A vial of beard hairs from Donel of Deleyn.
Lantern of the Golden Era Lantern of the Golden Era This fog lamp bears the crest of the «Golden Era,» flagship for the fabled All-Flags Navy.
Magnificent Leatherbound Blank Oghma Magnificent Leatherbound Blank Oghma Blank life-journal of gilt-edged, bleached vellum pages. The hand-tooled gargoyle leather binding is from «Remarkable Leathers.»
Many-Hued Bird Feather Many-Hued Bird Feather Touching this feather brings a happy little tune, and a brush of mania, to your mind.
Morihaus' Sled Horn Morihaus’ Sled Horn An ancient Atmoran sled horn, rumored to have been blown by Morihaus-Breath-of-Kyne during his taking of the White-Gold Tower.
Morihaus Wing Feather Morihaus Wing Feather A massive golden feather that is lighter than a sparrow, but stronger than steel. This may be a relic of the legendary Morihaus.
Petal From the Sanguine Rose Petal From the Sanguine Rose From a rare flower said to bloom in the myriad planes of Oblivion.
Phial of Daedric Whispers Phial of Daedric Whispers This glass phial appears to be empty, but utters dark and seductive whispers when uncorked. The voice is likely that of Mephala.
Phial of Leovic's Blood Phial of Leovic’s Blood This tiny phial contains blood of the former Emperor Leovic, supposedly collected at his regicide.
Piece of Volendrung's Handle Piece of Volendrung’s Handle Reputedly of Rourken clan make, this shattered hilt-shard is emblazoned with the blunt runes of the Dwarves.
Plait of Jurgen Windcaller's Beard Plait of Jurgen Windcaller’s Beard This ancient nord coffer contains a long braid of gray hair. The plait almost certainly came from the chin of Jurgen Windcaller.
Queen Nurnhilde's Nail Clipping Queen Nurnhilde’s Nail Clipping A locket with a nail supposedly clipped from the corpse of Queen Nurnhilde before her interment.
Rajhin's Final Cups Rajhin’s Final Cups This is supposedly one of the clay cups used in the fabled drinking contest between the Khajiiti tricker god and Sanguine.
Ranser's Lucky Skeever's Foot Ranser’s Lucky Skeever’s Foot One of the lucky charms enchanted by the court magician Reezal-Jul, this was likely carried into battle by King Ranser himself.
Ruby from the Ruby Throne Ruby from the Ruby Throne This sparkling gem is the size of a grown Orc’s fist and has been shaped to form a simulacrum of the Imperial Ruby.
Saarthal Burial Urn Saarthal Burial Urn A relic from the first city built by Atmoran settlers in Skyrim, destroyed by the Snow Elves in the Merethic Era.
Sacred Inkwell of Marukh the Seer Sacred Inkwell of Marukh the Seer This finely crafted inkwell was likely used by the prophet Marukh during the days of the Alessian Order.
Scute of the Mock Turtle Scute of the Mock Turtle Most scholars dismiss tales of a massive turtle dwelling beyond the Weir Gate as pure nonsense … but this shell is really big.
Serpent-Veil of Orgnum Serpent-Veil of Orgnum Tattered silk embroidered with Maormer runes of rulership and bearing the entwined image of mating sea serpents.
Shard of the Ideal Masters Shard of the Ideal Masters This sliver of crystal buzzes angrily, releasing intermittent pulses of purple light. It may be a fragment of an Ideal Master.
Shatter-shard of Mehrunes' Razor Shatter-shard of Mehrunes’ Razor This piece of shattered black metal seems to drink light. Part of an emblazoned Daedric script runs along its length.
Silvermere's Road Nail Silvermere’s Road Nail A nail thought to be from the horseshoe of Silvermere, ridden by Emperor Reman during his campaign against the Akaviri invaders.
Skaal-Carved Horker Tusk Skaal-Carved Horker Tusk This scrimshaw depicts the early ancestors of the Skaal people running their boats aground on the isle of Solstheim.
Sotha Sil's Blessed Cogwheel Sotha Sil’s Blessed Cogwheel A tiny cog, supposedly blessed by Sotha Sil. Every hour, on the hour, it pulses with a soft yellow light.
Stamp of the Black Drake Stamp of the Black Drake A cracked stamp, an official seal from the reign of Durcorach, the first of the Longhouse Emperors.
Star Tooth Shard Star Tooth Shard This thin slice of crystal glows with a soft, inner light.
String of Thrassian Pearls String of Thrassian Pearls Precious stones of radiant blue from the Coral Kingdoms, where no Man or Mer dares tread, passed down from the First Era.
Sword-Singer Manual Sword-Singer Manual This well-worn collection of pages lacks a proper cover, but contains detailed diagrams and illustrations of sword techniques.
Trinket of Queen Freydis Trinket of Queen Freydis A small, topaz bead said to have fallen from Queen Freydis’ battle cloak during her bid to conquer Cyrodiil.
Vein From the Heart of Lorkhan Vein From the Heart of Lorkhan This red, crystal vein is said to have been chipped from the Heart of Lorkhan itself.
Velothi Expedition-Staff Velothi Expedition-Staff A distinctive walking staff used by the Chimer during their migration to Morrowind following the prophet Veloth in antiquity.
Vial of Ashpit Air Vial of Ashpit Air This small ampoule is filled with a thick, roiling vapor. A small label with Mages Guild letterhead reads, «Air from Ashpit.»
Vial of Soil from Hrol's Hillock Vial of Soil from Hrol’s Hillock This vial of soil is purportedly from the hillock King Hrol fertilized before his death.
Yokudan Prayer Shawl Yokudan Prayer Shawl An ancient shawl that bears the image of sword-wielding figures. Collectors and academics would pay handsomely for it.



  • Спойлеры.

  • А еще одежду.

  • «…ценятся у скупщиков на вес золота.» не поощряет как-то на их поиск, ибо в Скайриме кусок золота стоит 50 рублей в виде руды и 100 рублей за слиток, а в Сиродиле, несмотря на рарность руды, она стоит порядка 5-10 рублей. С другой стороны, если с боссов в TESO падает 2-3 рубля… неплохо, неплохо…

  • Помогите! Я, глядя на видео с демонстрацией перевода диалогов и описаний основного квеста, наконец купил TESO. Но я думал, что установив ваш русификатор, получу перевод диалогов основного сюжета (опять же, как на видео). Но русификатор установлен под версией 5.0, а диалоги не переведены, даже самый первый, с Пророком :(( Я что-то не так сделал или этот перевод еще не включен в версию 5.0? :(

    • Уже много раз сообщалось, что перевод основного задания войдёт в версию 6.0.

      • спасибо за напоминание, но когда она выйдет? С обновлением игры?

        • В течение недели после выхода патча (патч выходит в этот вторник).

          • спасибо! Это довольно скоро)

          • Если вы про 1.6, то уже не выходит, перенесли.

            • А на какое перенесли?

              • Нашел. Теперь первая половина марта.

                • значит и русификатор задерживается? О нет…

                  • Да, задерживается. Нет смысла выпускать его до выхода патча, так как с предыдущим патчем новая версия RuESO несовместима.

                    • понятно конечно, просто жаль. Но как же тогда играли для видеопрохождения сюжета?) Просто сейчас начал играть и пророк повсюду преследует что бы позвать на приключения)) Бегаю от него и жду выхода руэсо)

  • Но как же тогда играли для видеопрохождения сюжета?

    На PTS-сервере. Там-то уже новый патч.

    • а можно подробнее узнать о том, что будет переведено в новой версии? Информацию об этом не могу найти. Даже на официальной странице скачивания это не указано. Хотелось бы знать будут ли переведены гильдии магов и бойцов? Просто не хочу сам переводить то, что уже переведено в русификации. И так играю «со словарем» и записной книжкой.

      • Гильдии пока что не переведены. Переведено только первое (из четырех) заданий Гильдии магов. Переведен основной сюжет и парочка публичных подземелий. Полный список изменений мы опубликуем одновременно с выходом RuESO 6.0.

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